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Denise D’Angelo Jones is a retired chiropractor and award-winning songwriter who recently, dedicated six years of her life to 24/7 dementia care-partnering. As a freelance writer, Denise has contributed to the Greensboro Herald, the Star Ledger, Today’s Chiropractic, WGUA’s Second Opinion Doctor’s Talk Radio and as a dementia communication blogger/consultant for, “Talk, Walk and Dance Dementia,” and


In 2017, Denise wrote a spiritual sci-fi novel called, Crystallina: The Pond of Awakening before writing her recent book-- Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919.


Musical compositions by Denise D'Angelo Jones, (see live videos below) have been performed by community choirs, churches, Grammy nominated recording artists and university orchestras all over the country.


Denise  D'Angelo Jones has been a guest lecturer at colleges across the country on health, wellness and the creative process. She has lectured for the drama department of Wagner College, and has been a return lecturer at MIT in Boston. 


Denise D'Angelo Jones was never one to shy away from interesting adventures. At the age of 19 she spent an entire summer living in a log cabin working on a dude ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, and met her husband  at the age of 23 on the national tour of the Broadway musical, "Annie," where she took the gig as the animal handler for, "Sandy," the dog.


One of Denise's favorite gigs during her twelve year -- gap year from college (before becoming a doctor ), was working as a personal chef  on weekends for choreographer, Agnes DeMille.  When Denise wasn't cooking for a world famous choreograher, she tended bar by selling beer and Twizzlers at Broadway intermissions in mid-town NYC with Academy Award-winning writer Aaron Sorkin, (A Few Good Men) whom she witnessed several times -right before her eyes-- penning an entire play on a collection of bar napkins.

My Books

Spanish Influenza: Nineteen Days in 1919

Chrystallina: The Pond of Awakening

The Lady With The Purple Hat


Sm.                     New Release on July 23, 2020all Title

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